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The campaign against HS2 is not over but a critical stage has been reached. With all 3 main parties still currently in favour of HS2, the political fight is continuing across the country.

The Hybrid Bill, to authorise the construction of HS2, has begun in Parliament. The important Second Reading of the Hybrid Bill is likely to take place in either late April or early May. If, despite all our efforts, logic and reason, HS2 goes ahead, we must argue to make improvements to the proposed HS2 scheme, using the process of Petitioning.  Petitions will have to be deposited by early-late May.

A Petition is a document by which anyone, or any group, “directly and specially affected” by HS2, can raise their objections to particular aspects of the Bill and make proposals for improvement before Parliament. These Petitions will be placed before a Select Committee. Individuals or a chosen representative will be able to present their case in person to that Committee.  Individuals who are reluctant to Petition alone can join with others to Petition as part of a group/street or an organisation. A Petition costs £20.

We are encouraging as many people as possible to Petition. It is vital that Parliament is made aware of the impact of HS2 and the strength of feeling against it, and that if it goes ahead, we have realistic proposals for mitigation.  The only acceptable mitigation for Wendover is a fully bored tunnel through the AONB. This is the only opportunity we will all have to improve the Hybrid Bill in Parliament.

WendoverHS2 will provide help. The timescale is short and draft Petitions need to be prepared asap. Wendover HS2 has set an initial target date of 20th April for completion of draft Petitions.

To find out more contact WendoverHS2  (07922 532598; email


Antony Chapman (01296 623730; email

For House of Commons advice on how to Petition, please download the Petitioning Toolkit from the Parliament website (Word file).

Please let us know, Yes or No, if you will be supporting our campaign by Petitioning.

Bring your draft Petitions and your questions to our next Drop-in Session on Petitioning in Wendover Library from 2-4 pm on Saturday 26 April.

Below are links to four Word documents you might also find helpful:

1) a petition template

2) a petition cover sheet

3) a petition back sheet

4) a list of subjects, some of which Petitioners may wish to include in their Petition.



Please watch Geoffrey Palmer reading an HS2 poem written by Antony Chapman, a member of the Wendover HS2 action group. When you have watched it please pass it on to all your friends and relations and ask them to do the same.


The Wendover Society & Wendover HS2: Joint Public Meeting

On Saturday 18th January 2014  the Wendover Society and Wendover HS2 Action Group held a joint public meeting at St Mary’s Church, Wendover.  You can download the slides from the meeting here:

Public meeting slides (PDF file - 6MB)

There were speakers on:

  • the HS2 Environmental Consultation, which now ends on 27th February, having been extended twice due to incomplete information having been provided by HS2 Ltd. The Consultation documents, available for viewing in Wendover Community Library, show the appalling effect that construction would have on Wendover and the Chilterns AONB.
  • petitioning against the HS2 Hybrid Bill.
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