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6 September 2018

Wendover HS2 is continuing to work on protecting the local area from the worst impacts of HS2, and while keeping track of the broad issues the emphasis is now on three main areas.

The A413 Small Dean Viaduct

Information about the proposed design of the viaduct over the A413 at Small Dean, just south of the Wendover bypass, can be found here:

  • Eiffage Kier as the Major Works Contractors for this section of the line admit that their design is intrusive and ugly, but the best that they can do within their brief from HS2.  The Chilterns Conservation Board is also very concerned that the appearance of the viaducts falls far short of the aspirations outlined in the HS2 Detailed Design Principles.
  • This proposed monstrosity must surely re-inforce the argument for the mined tunnel well below the A413 and the Chiltern Railway line.
  • Eiffage Kier will be holding “Information” roadshows at St Anne’s Hall on the afternoons of Thursday 6th and Saturday 29th September.   Please go along to register your objections to this proposal and your support for the mined tunnel.

Reducing Noise from the A413 Wendover Bypass

  • As part of the mitigation agreed in the House of Commons, HS2 is funding Bucks County Council to provide noise barriers on the Wendover bypass.  A report produced by Engineering Consultants Jacobs proposed two alternative noise mitigation measures.  The current version of that report can be found at, although an updated version of the report is expected shortly.
  • The results of a survey carried out by WHS2 on the two alternative noise mitigation measures proposed in the Jacobs report can be found here:
  • Bucks CC will shortly be consulting on these options.   It will be important that Wendover residents respond to this consultation to be sure that we secure the most effective noise protection for our village.  Details of the consultation will be published as soon as they are available.

Support for the Parish Council’s Working Group in their efforts to secure the mined tunnel for Wendover

  • The Parish Council’s Working Group continue to lobby hard to persuade Ministers and HS2 Ltd that a mined tunnel under Wendover is a cheaper, faster and technically simpler option, which will better protect Wendover and the AONB from the from the impact of HS2’s currently proposed “cut and cover” tunnel past Wendover and the Small Dean and Wendover Dean viaducts.
  • Liaison with Eiffage Kier has also highlighted the potential impact of the cutting on the Coombe Hill aquifer, that feeds the Grand Union Canal and the Weston Turville Reservoir SSSI nature reserve.  The mined tunnel would also protect the aquifer, and avoid the potential need for settlement ponds, a pumping station and associated pipelines that are not in the current design.
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