Latest news – visit

May 21 – maybe

The proposed date is 21 May. The visit is organised by the County Council not us.

If and when the  Select Committee turns up, we’d like a large and very polite crowds with lots of banners and placards saying:

There is not point in making points against the project as a whole. Osbourne thinks it will gain the conservatives votes “up north”, good luck with that one. The visit is about mitigation and emphasising that a tunnel is worthwhile despite the extra immediate cash cost.

This site will have updates as more information becomes available.


Wendover is a hotspot of petitions. We have put them in, soon, we will have to deliver.

For petitioners, there is a separate page with useful information. We expect hearings in maybe late June or July or probably in September. Petioners only get 4 weeks notice so you need to work on what to say. It is worthwhile combining with others if you have similar concerns. This will get you an better reception by the MPs. However, you have put in the forms and paid your £20 so if you want to be heard, you will be. If you do not want to appear personally (hearings are in the Houses of Parliament), you need a Roll B agent, ask us!

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