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HS2  =  The Rape of the Chilterns

The HS2 Select Committee hearings resumed on Monday 7th September with three days of presentations by Petitioners from Wendover and surrounding villages in the Chilterns.   The overwhelming theme throughout was the demand for the Select Committee to recommend a tunnel right through the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) to replace the present proposal of six miles of embankments and viaducts from South Heath to Wendover, which would devastate the area.

There were many vivid descriptions of the harm the present proposal would bring: unbearable noise and visual intrusion, traffic chaos, damage to the local heritage, serious effect on health and many others.   But by far the most dramatic was the description by one Petitioner of the present proposal as “the Rape of the Chilterns”.   He justified this unexpected use of the word by referring to the dictionary definition of “rape” – “the violation and despoliation of the countryside”.   He continued: “This is precisely what the present proposal does, it violates and despoils the Chilterns AONB”.   He finished by directly addressing members of the Select Committee: “Gentlemen, do you want to go down in history as complicit in the Rape of the Chilterns?”

The Select Committee has the power to recommend changes to the present proposal to improve the situation for those adversely affected by the scheme.   It is hard to imagine how Petitioners could have described any more plainly the devastation which HS2 would cause to the Chilterns.

1.    Further information from Antony Chapman.   01296 623730
2.    To see this live go to Committees HS2 Monday 7th September at approx. 20.55.

Issued by Wendover HS2 action group.
15th September 2015



This is a message for all petitioners from Wendover and the surrounding areas. 

You may recall that we were informed by David Walker of Winckworth Sherwood that petitioners should notify him by 21st August as to whether they wished to associate with others or appear on their own.   Mr Walker has now confirmed that if you do not notify him of your decision by that date you will not be denied a hearing, so there is no compulsion to reply to him.     

In order to pursue your petition you should choose one of the following options: 
1.    to appear before the Select Committee yourself
2.    to have your petition presented by your Roll B agent, but with the possibility of you giving evidence 
3.    to present a group petition with others

4.    not to appear or be represented at all.

If you prefer not to appear yourself, there is a fifth option, which is for you to align yourself with the Parish Councils’ petitions.  Petitions from both Wendover and Halton Parish Councils are available on     To align yourself with the Parish Councils’ petitions you should contact the clerk at     
It would be helpful if you let us know which of these options you choose, if you haven’t already told us. Please contact us at
If the date given for your appearance in front of the Select Committee is inconvenient, for holiday or other reasons, you can ask for it to be changed, though I think you should do so without delay.
Remember that the Select Committee tells us that it is personal stories which count most with them, so it is important that you emphasize the problems which HS2 would cause you personally, what it all means to you.   You may wish to focus on the impact on you as an individual of the construction and operation of HS2.  We are very keen that every petitioner is represented, and that everyone who has petitioned turns up on the day, so if you are unable or reluctant to turn up, please let us know.   However, we think you should be aware of the following:   We asked these questions:
As you know, there are some 70 petitioners listed to present their petitions on Monday 7th September.   I understand that in previous sessions petitioners have been told to be present from the beginning so that there would be no gaps between petitioners, and that if they were not there when called, they would forfeit their right to present their petitions.   It would seem to be unreasonable to expect 70 petitioners to all be present at 2.00 pm, when some might not be heard until late in the evening.   What arrangements are you making to deal with this?  Will you allocate a specific time to each petitioner?
The reply came back:
The arrangements being made are these:
– The Committee is adamant that it is entirely fair for petitioners to attend throughout their hearing day so that they hear the arguments being made for their community and thus avoid repeating them. This point has been made on numerous occasions, as I am sure you are well aware.
– We will not allocate a specific time to each petitioner. We would waste time by adopting that approach.
– There will be extra seating in the next door room.
As the hearings on Monday 7th September don’t start until 2 pm and go on until 9 pm (with a break from 5-7), petitioners should be aware of the possible effect of this decision.   On Tuesday 8th September the hearings are from 9.30-12.30 and 2-5.
If you want to see the Select Committee in action you can go to the website.
Finally, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any problems.
With best wishes,
Antony Chapman
Wendover HS2 Petition Group


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May 21 – maybe

The proposed date is 21 May. The visit is organised by the County Council not us.

If and when the  Select Committee turns up, we’d like a large and very polite crowds with lots of banners and placards saying:

There is not point in making points against the project as a whole. Osbourne thinks it will gain the conservatives votes “up north”, good luck with that one. The visit is about mitigation and emphasising that a tunnel is worthwhile despite the extra immediate cash cost.

This site will have updates as more information becomes available.


Wendover is a hotspot of petitions. We have put them in, soon, we will have to deliver.

For petitioners, there is a separate page with useful information. We expect hearings in maybe late June or July or probably in September. Petioners only get 4 weeks notice so you need to work on what to say. It is worthwhile combining with others if you have similar concerns. This will get you an better reception by the MPs. However, you have put in the forms and paid your £20 so if you want to be heard, you will be. If you do not want to appear personally (hearings are in the Houses of Parliament), you need a Roll B agent, ask us!

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